Thursday 20 February 2014

माझ्या लग्नाचे आग्रहाचे निमंत्रण !.....

माझ्या लग्नाचे आग्रहाचे निमंत्रण !..... यायंच ह सर्वांनी .. 

 रविवार दिनांक २३ फेबृअरी at 5.35 PM

With immense happiness and love, we kindly invite you to my new chapter of my life called MARRIAGE with "Ms.SONAL". We would be greatly honored with your presence on 23rd Feb
    It's a beautiful moment for me,
       Wishes your presence to be;
   To shower the fragrance of blessings,
       And to be honored and give greetings.

   The flower's name is SONAL,
       Springs colors in my life;
   And also give me fame',
       By becoming my beloved wife.

   I tie a knot of marriage,
       Brings happiness that lie;
   In my heart with wholesome,
       When you all will be welcome.

Our eyes will wait for your blessings showered on my new relation.
Life has no fun without creation, so here is a puzzle question for an immortal relation.

Kindly consider this as personal invitation and do join us to share our joy as we celebrate a new life together.

We look forward to your presence on the auspicious occasion to bless both of us.

Looking forward to see you........... :)


Sunday 23 FEB at 5.35PM

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