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Visual Studio 2022 New Features and Upgradation

 In this article, I will explain what are the new features of VS 2022 and how to upgrade Visual studio from 2019 to VS2022


Visual Studio 2022, the latest iteration of Microsoft’s integrated development environment (IDE), was released in November 2021. Compared to Visual Studio 2019, the two are very similar—at first glance, at least. For example, the menus received only slight tweaks.  UI is same as VS 2019 only some color code has changes

For example, Visual Studio 2022 is the first Visual Studio that is 64-bit—but they certainly haven’t rushed the move from 32-bit (Windows XP had a 64-bit version available back in 2005!).


Download visual Studi0:  

Upgrading to Visual Studio 2022

I moved over from Visual Studio 2019 to Visual Studio 2022. Solutions and Projects just open; there isn’t the upgrade path of previous versions.  

Microsoft is giving Git much higher priority than its own TFS version control. Incidentally, TFS changed its name to Azure DevOps Server in 2020 (read more about that), though TFS is still easier to pronounce. Team Explorer, 


C# 10.0

There’s nothing major in C# 10 beyond a collection of small improvements. A lot of it is code simplification, with global and implicit usings and removing the need for namespaces to nest code when the file only has one namespace. 

Improvements in .NET 6

There are significant speed improvements, particularly in file I/O but also throughout (more details of changes in this Microsoft blog entry).  

One of the more significant changes is improvement in JSON handling. Microsoft started this in .NET 5, and .NET 6 continues it with new features, including serialization and deserialization to and from streams. If you use Newtonsoft for JS

NET Productivity tooling


Number of productivity tools are added in VS2022 to improve developer experience, and reduce the errors. Code refactoring now provides the option for updating the existing function for any addition of new parameter or overloading the same function by adding new parameter to it.  Track value source option will provide developer the complete analysis of value the variable is holding. This will definitely ease out debugging experience in visual studio.

Windows is refreshing (windows 11) and definitely, this might have motivated VS team to change the icons to look more brighter and refresh. The icons in VS2022 are refreshed and it brings more clarity of its usage, for light and dark modes. Along with icons the default editor font has been changed to Cascadia code for better code readability.


64-Bit Application

For the first time, Visual Studio 2022 offers a 64-bit application, and no longer has a 4 GB limitation of memory for the primary devenv.exe process. If you want to use a 32-bit application, you can run and debug the application.

Open, edit, run, and debug the largest and most complex solutions without running out of memory.

Unrestricted access to all PC memory results in better performance and fewer out-of-memory errors. Microsoft says it makes every part of the workflow faster and more efficient – from loading solutions to debugging F5.

. Better Usability

The new user interface is refreshed and modernized, and utilizes lighter icons for the light and dark versions of the interface. Users now have hundreds of options to customize with changes - reducing complexity and decreasing the cognitive load. Look for these additions as well:

  • Updated icons for better clarity, consistency, readability, and contrast
  • Cascadia Code increases readability with a new fixed-width font and improved themes
  • Integration with Accessibility Insights detects accessibility issues before the software reaches end-users
  • Customizatize the VS experience with IDE settings and the ability to synchronize settings between devices



Enhanced Debugging

Visual Studio 2022 is a friend to the developer, with the new debugging tool that diagnose issues quickly. You can use async visualizations, automatic analyzers, time travel debugging, and more.

This November, Visual Studio 2022 will be compatible with GrapeCity's .NET products, including Spread.NET v15, ComponentOne, GrapeCity Documents, and ActiveReports.NET.



The latest Visual Studio hasn’t really altered that much, other than the move to 64-bit, but given all of the small enhancements in C# and other languages, .NET 6 and so on, it’s definitely worth the upgrade. If you are using .NET 5, the Hot Reload feature is probably enough justification by itself to upgrade. 

Happy programming!!

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