Tuesday 29 June 2021

.Net Framework Vs .Net Core

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In this article, I will explain the difference between  .Net Framework Vs .Net Core

.Net Framework and .Net Core both are two different implementations of the .Net Runtime. The first one is older and .Net Core is newer than .Net Framework. Today, we will understand the difference between and .Net Framework and .Net Core and how these both are different from the .Net Standard, and why we should use .Net Standard.

1. What is .Net Framework?

.Net Framework is a framework for building and managing Windows and Web-based applications. This is an old framework created by Microsoft and provides end to end solution to create Windows applications generally known as Win Forms and Web Application like Asp.Net or Asp.Net MVC applications.

What we can do with .Net Framework.

  1. Create a Windows Application.
  2. Create Web Forms using Asp.Net, Rest API using Web API and enterprise application using Asp.Net MVC
  3. Can use multiple languages, that’s why it is language independent.
  4. Create an app with good performance.

2. What is .Net Core?

.Net Core is a cross-platform and open-source framework for building an application that can run on any platform. It is also created by Microsoft. It is not a new version of .Net Framework, whereas it is a totally new framework that is written from scratch to develop an application that can run on any platform like Mac, Linux, or Windows.  Earlier .Net Framework was Language-Independent but .Net Core is language-independent as well as platforms independent.

What we can do with .Net Core.

  1. Create cross platforms applications.
  2. Can use Microservices
  3. Deploy an application to Dockers container.
  4. Create a highly scalable and performable system.
  5. Create Asp.Net Core, Razor page, UMP, Mobile native app, and Blazor application.

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