Monday 6 February 2017

Angular 2 vs.Angular 1 key difference

Angular 2 vs.Angular 1 key difference

1.                  First thing, Angular 2 is not the upgrade of angular 1. Angular 2 is completely rewritten.
2.                 Angular 2 and Angular 1 is a different framework with the same name.
3.                 Angular 2 is using Typescript which is super set of javascript (It does not mean only typescript, dart also).
4.                 Angular 1.x was not built with mobile support in mind, where Angular 2 is mobile oriented.
5.                 Angular 1 core concept was $scope, and you will not find $scope in angular 2.0. Angular 2 is using zone.js to detect changes. See the below code.
6.                 Angular 1.x controllers are gone. We can say that controllers are replaced with “Components” in Angular 2.
7.                 AngularJS 2.0 is not easy to setup as AngularJS 1.x.
8.                Angular 2 uses camelCase syntax for built-in directives
9.                 Performance improvements:  Mobile Support:
10.             TypeScript based javascript
11.             No $Scope in Angular 2:

12.             Component based Programming:

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