Monday 19 November 2012

Preparation for Exam 70-503

Preparation for Exam 70-503

 Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 – Windows Communication Foundation Application Development


In the last week I had given MCTS paper 70-503 for WCF. I cleared this exam with good score.
I am giving some inputs for how to prepare for exam
The exam consists of 43 questions and is scheduled for 140 min. You'll not find any exam simulator for this exam at this time as far as I know, so if you wish to prepare for the exam just get some hands on experience and study the books.

After finishing the exam, I got the idea how to score good in that exam - ABC: Address, binding and contract. If you have solid understanding in these three pillars of WCF – you will surely score well. 


These are the topic where you should have solid understanding before sitting for the exam –
1.           WCF service and client configuration – not using service configuration tool provided in windows sdk , rather thorough Xml.
2.           Security related configuration – Authentication and Authorization support in WCF thorough xml configuration.
3.           Service Instance – Single ,PerCall , PerSession and Thread-safety of the instance.
4.           Session and Transaction.
5.           Duplex channel.  WsDualHttpBinding.
6.           Serialization.
7.           Instrumentation of WCF service instance.
8.           Interoperability with ASMX.
9.           Creating Services
10.       Exposing and Deploying Services
11.       Instrumenting and Administering Services
12.       Consuming Services
13.       Securing Services
14.       Managing the Service Life Cycle 

I have so many dumps for 70-503 Exam... But first study from Microsoft Study material then give the exam

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