Wednesday 30 April 2014

What's New in WPF 4.5

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In this article I will tell  what are the new features added in WPF with 4.5
·         Ribbon control
o   WPF 4.5 added with a Ribbon control that hosts a Quick Access Toolbar, Application Menu, and tabs.

·             Improved performance when displaying large sets of grouped data

·             New features for the VirtualizingPanel

·             Binding to static properties
o   You can use static properties as the source of a data binding. The data binding engine recognizes when the property's value changes if a static event is raised

·             Accessing collections on non-UI Threads
o   WPF enables you to access and modify data collections on threads other than the one that created the collection. This enables you to use a background thread to receive data from an external source, such as a database, and display the data on the UI thread. By using another thread to modify the collection, your user interface remains responsive to user interaction.

·             Synchronously and Asynchronously validating data

·             Automatically updating the source of a data binding

·             Binding to types that Implement ICustomTypeProvider

·             Retrieving data binding information from a binding expression

·             Checking for a valid DataContext object

·             Repositioning data as the data's values change (Live shaping)

·             Improved Support for Establishing a Weak Reference to an Event

·             New methods for the Dispatcher class
The Dispatcher class defines new methods for synchronous and asynchronous operations.

·             Markup Extensions for Events
o   WPF 4.5 supports markup extensions for events. While WPF does not define a markup extension to be used for events, third parties are able to create a markup extension that can be used with events.

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